Women of 1962 - Implied Edition - softcover book
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Women of 1962 - Implied Edition - softcover book



A tribute to the sexy women of 1962--  seven models pose in classic scenes in a 1960's house (a true time capsule). Presented in a Premium Print Softcover Book that is a keepsake of this incredible Sixty's time-capsule and the seven gorgeous models in it. The print magazine includes all seven models revealed in their theme with Implied nudity.

Meet the Models and their themes:

  • Lauren... Hula Hoop
  • Sativa ... Ironing
  • Mandy ... Flowers
  • Krisa ... Cocktails
  • Taylor ... Records
  • Rosalee ... Dishes
  • Nadeshiko ... Bathing

I highly recommend purchasing the addition with the behind-the-scenes video where you can see more than 15 minutes HD video footage of the models in action.  

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