Orchard Uncensored Photos 18-8

Two stars from my projection shoot: Luminesce: Art Nudes of the female form as a light canvas. A fun shot as they prepare to work together as one canvas.



For my new concept Oil and Water, one of my favorite models Ashley Wolf volunteered to help me explore this unique art of beads on skin.

Sutton had to move back home to the East Coast, but I got one beautiful shoot in with her before she left

Here is the timeless Blonde Le Blanc, a model who knows how to act her age and is killing it doing it.

Here is Betina from my July 24, 2018 post:

When I first started I shot in a yoga studio and this model really helped me develop a sense of light.

Redheads are magical. Shot at my studio in 2017. @thenudefeline


Please let me know if you'd like to see more of any of these models. Since my Women of 1962 project, I have always created a behind-the-scenes video of my shoots, which I can make available for interested parties.

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