Orchard Arts is about seeking moments of beauty

I’ve been capturing beautiful life moments since my first digital camera in 1999. Now with Orchard Arts Photography I create art that captures the sacred beauty of the female form and the timeless mystery of unique locations and moments in time. I find that the more we can combine these three elements the greater chance of creating art that transcends the visual to elevate the heart.

Ladies! Let's work together.

I'd like to work with inexperienced models who don't mind learning in a collaborative style and experienced ones who can stretch me by improving my art.

Based in Portland, Oregon, I like to partner with models on projects  that could lead to a published work. If you have an idea, I'd love to hear it.

I worked with a lot of first-time nude models because of my professional approach and high-quality classy images I strive to create. I'm happy to help new models get started: have a great time, learn fantastic skills and get an awesome set of photos with professional studio lighting.