Uncensored Fine Art Photos Holiday-2018

Holiday season images presented in the buff.

Finally caught up with all my Fall projects and Kickstarter and can post again.

One last fun shot of Henna playing on the furniture of a NY hotel room. What a model with so many great looks and gorgeous features.


Here is a shoot from my models in motion project that I will likely turn into a photobook in 2019. Please subscribe to my email list to stay informed. I love how the stop motion technique captures the model's figure leaving part of her body clear and the rest obscured.

Photoshoots in the winter aren't quite as nice as in the Summer. Here is Heartbreak Haley from our shoot by the river.

Topless Women In Garden

Here is the amazing Trillian. You are going to want to see more of her.


My Kickstarter funded more than 450% of my goal. My first one and it wasn't that scary. I'm currently finishing up editing the book. Please contact me if you want one.

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